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Be a Ham


We invite all beginners in Amateur Radio in the NW Arkansas to become Ham radio operators

Elmers offer help and information on Ham Radio.

We will post articles and links on this site with different modes of operation, antenna design, radio installation, etc.

We offer free Classes and Presentations on Ham Radio as well as FCC Exams given by our ARRL and W5YI VE Teams. Exam schedules for the Technicians Class, General Class, and the Amateur Extra Class licenses, can be found on our Exams link. The learning of Morse Code is no longer required for any of the Amateur Radio exams, but is still widely used on most of the Amateur Radio Frequency Bands.

Feel free to go through each and every link of this site, as there is a lot of information contained in these pages. And, if you have a question dealing with amateur radio, send us an email and we will try to find you an answer.

Ok, so you decide that you want to be a Ham..........

You may want to get some study material for the Technician's Class exam, this can be purchased from the  ARRL or W5YI.. You can also contact HARC to register for the next available class that has study material available for the incoming student.

Another great resource is the ARRL HANDBOOK for Radio Communications.

There are online practice exams you can take for free at QRZ Online Practice Exams and eHAM Online Practice Exams . Practice with these exams over and over until you know it.

When you start getting scores in the high 90's, your ready for the real exam.

Another resource is .

There will be an exam fee, the current exam fee for the ARRL and W5YI VE Exam is $15.00 for 2016. Fee is for the exam, not the license. The license currently is FREE and is good for ten years.