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Elmer says:

We hope that all beginners in Amateur Radio in the NW Arkansas will ask, how do you do this and that and can you show me? Elmers offer help and information on ham radio.

 We intend to post articles and links here on different modes of operation, antenna design, radio installation, etc. If you have a question about amateur radio, send an email to the link below and we will try to find the right answer.
Choosing a radio An interesting guide about ham equipment

All about ham radio   Answers to many ham radio questions that you didnít even know you had.

How ham radio works
5 Common mistakes that new hams make
I got my license, now what?
Ham radio mobile installation
Standard phonetic alphabet

Ham radio license practice tests:
Install this practice test program on your own computer:
l Itís a free program for all class practice tests
QRZ. com online practice tests all classes. online practice tests all classes. online online practice tests, fee based

Some interesting sites

OHMís law calculator:
Flare/MUF info
Resource Guide
Ham Radio 21st Cent.
Solar Powered Station

Gray Line Simplified
Hereís a link to a great article about understanding how the gray line works
Working The Gray Line

Have a new HT and have problems getting it programmed?
Need some info on whatís available in the new imported radios?
Check out: for some great information

Ethics and Operating Procedures. A very important document for all hams